Association of the Netherlands Animation Producers / Vereniging Nederlandse Animatie Producenten (VNAP)
Secretariat: NIAF
P.O. box 9358 - 5000 HJ Tilburg - The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)6 51195450
Email :
Internet :



To look after the interests of its members - the animation producers - and to help bring about and export animation productions for all media formats and stimulate the animation industry in the Netherlands.


- The VNAP forms a network of animation producers that comes together every two months and where members advise and inform each other.

- The VNAP organises supporting activities like seminars, presentations and talks, and other ways of exchanging information about Dutch productions and about producing animation nationally as well as internationally.

- The VNAP plays an active role in the promotional policy towards Dutch broadcasters, festivals, film theaters and funds concerning more production and screening possibilities for animation.

- The VNAP takes part in the 'Federatie Filmbelangen' (The Netherlands Federation of Film Professionals). The animation producers now have a vote and a seat in the Federation Council.

- The Netherlands Institute for Animation Film (NIAF) functions as a secretariat and takes care of the coordinating activities of the VNAP.


Chairman a.i.: Ton Crone (NIAf)

Secretary: Jiek Weishut
(The Drawing Room)

Treasurer: Ton Crone (NIAf)

Information about the VNAP can be provided by the board members.


>> Anikey Studios
contact/email: Paco Vink en Albert 't Hoofd

>> CinéTé Filmproduction BV
contact/email: Willem Thijssen

>> The Drawing Room
contact/email: Jiek Weishut

>> Hoek, Line & Thinker
contact/email: Tom van Waveren

>> House of Secrets
contact/email: House of Secrets

>> il Luster Productions
contact/email: Michiel Snijders

>> Ka-Ching Cartoons
contact/email: Joost van den Bosch

>> KidsPlant B.V.
contact/email: Robbert Ladan

>> Lemming Film
contact/email: Leontine Petit

>> Lemonade
contact/email: Daniel Dugour

>> Motek Entertainment
contact/email: Jolande Junte

>> Netherlands Institute for Animation Film
contact/email: Ton Crone

>> NMTrix Animation Studios
contact/email: Patrick Nijman

>> Pedri Animation BV
contact/email: Thomas Hietbrink

>> seriousFilm
contact/email: Marc Thelosen

>> Shosho
contact/email: Harold de Groot

>> Spunky Productions
contact/email: Lee Ross

>> Submarine
contact/email: Bruno Felix

>> Telescreen BV
contact/email: Lisette Looman


>> Heer en Meester
contact/email: Paul de Heer